Catamaran sailing

While browsing around Pintrest ( )I came across a picture of the most luxurious cruising vessel I’ve ever seen. It was a 45’ catamaran. While I looked at pictures and videos of this glorious cruiser, I was half jealous and half disgusted by its amenities, trying to find something I hated about this catamaran (There’s something-What a fluffy silly name. “Catamaran” I tested out loud). It came to me. Catamarans or mulithulled vessels could not possibly be as stable as a monohull sail boat with a keel. I had done it. Sure maybe this boat was luxurious and huge, but surely not as stable as a sleek monohull sail boat.
After only what felt like 30 seconds of research, my theory was busted. You can find many articles comparing safety and stability of monohull to multihull sailing, but I will give you a short run down.
Vessels that are multihulled are very stable (poop). The stance of a multihull allows little to no heeling. You will note that a multihull does not have a keel. The wide stance eliminates the need for a keel.
Capsizing, you ask? Stay with your multihull. It seems that most if not all multihulled vessels have built in floatation. The multihull will float.
In addition to being safe and stable, the multihull has a better power-weight ratio. On average multihulls weight much less (because they don’t have keels) and have less wetted surface than a monohull allowing the multihull to move through the water much faster.
So overall the multihull is faster, more stable, and if a capsizing does occur, safer. You might be thinking to yourself now “why doesn’t everyone own a multihull”? In my opinion -Two reasons: Cost; It is my experience that the multihull is much more expensive than the traditional monohull vessel per foot. Availability; As the multihull is still somewhat of an oddity they are harder to come both new and used.
I might add a third reason. The monohull still in my mind seems much cooler. The monohull possesses more of what it means to be a sailor (whatever fanciful, swashbuckling criteria must exist in my mind).