It’s starting to feel like we might be moving forward. We have a couple leads on boats that we might be able to trade our Honda for. Which would be awesome! We’ve had a lot of calls on the car, but nobody has been very serious. So a trade could be nice; a win, win.

Thinking we might need to have a yard sale. It’s not that I want to make a lot of money on my stuff, I just want to make something to put in the boat fund. We’ll probably need to have a few yard sales….One for each down size we make towards cruising full and the honda

The plan is to get a little boat to learn on this summer. Hopefully while learning we can get our finances in order to purchase a nice affordable house. Wait- a house? Yes. Okay, so the idea for the house is to have it as a safety net and also maybe make a little money. I know we won’t get rich or be able to live completely off the rental income (probably won’t profit at all), but it would be nice to know we are building equity.

Once our skills outgrow our little boat (looking at around 26 feet) and we have a renter settled in our new house, we will start looking for a good deal on a bigger world cruising vessel.

It’s pretty exciting to think we might be boat owners soon. Even if is going to be tiny and old, it will be our boat. And it will be our ticket into the “club”. Mentioning that, I’ve just realized; it’s most certain that our boat will be older than me. Maybe we will name it something like Mama Bear or a more mainstream option such as; lil’ mama…