Montana is so beautiful. Softly rolling planes meet in the distance with prominent white capped navy blue mountains. The sky is both sunny and dark. Areas of dark red, mingling with black storm clouds, sun filtering through fluffy white clouds while rain beats down harder than imaginable.

Sometimes I feel jealous of people able to sit complacently in the same town their whole lives. How easy and relaxing it must be to be satisfied with what you have and where you’re at. Other times I just feel sad for them. If they are never unsatisfied they will never seek out anything new. They will never see or experience anything new. Never see all the wonderful places this world has hidden away. Notice the different way people treat strangers, some are so friendly others weary and stand offish.
I love seeing the different types of trees and plants. All the different colors the roads. Smelling the ocean so strong you could be sure it’s moments away. I enjoy the way Montana just rips up the whole highway when they do construction. Leaving only a rough single lane pothole filled dirt road for forty miles. One minute you’re cruising along at 65 mph, next you see a sign that says pavement ends.
We’ve been listening to a trilogy of audio books that follows five families through the events of world war two. The Century trilogy. Why have we always insisted on killing one another. It feels like we’re getting closer to another world war. If we aren’t unknowingly in one already. Money and God. If only we could all just be seen as humans. No government, no territory lines. Just people who mind their own until they die.

East of Helena MT