We’re headed out on one of our longest runs yet. By the time we get home we will be at 1926 miles. I’m leaning more and more toward a trimaran, but if it comes down to it a little monohull will do just fine. I’m hoping this weekend to take a dive lesson. I want to get my PADI certificate. You cannot rent dive equipment or get your tanks filled on your own unless you are certified. I’m thinking of doing hull washes as a way to make some extra money too, so being certified would be a must. You can earn $2-$3 per foot, and according to my research it only takes about a minute per foot. However I have also read that it is a good upper body workout, which to me translates to hard work. I’d rather work hard for me than sit at an easy job earning money for some corporation, though. I wouldn’t mind doing some treasure diving either, wouldn’t it be so cool to find a bunch gold and jewels. Wreck/search diving can also be a good way to earn some money.
I’m thinking we will sail mostly in the winter. In the summer I’d like to buy junky houses and fix them up. Depending on the type and location either sell them, or rent them. I’ve always had an interest in flipping houses. Plus if we live in the house while we fix it up we won’t have find somewhere to live when we are inland.
I read about a program where you can pay money to help build straw bale houses (yes-you pay real money to build someone else’s house). I’m thinking when we build on our property that’s what we’ll do. You just need to contract a knowledgeable contractor who is willing to do a little teaching. You can either split the profits with your contractor, or pay a flat rate. Even if you don’t make enough money to cover the cost of construction, every little bit helps. Plus what’s better than free labor, labor that pays you.
Watched a film recently on Netflix called “Maiden Voyage”, it’s about this girl, Laura Dekker who’s 13 years old from Holland who circumnavigates the globe all by herself. She became the youngest person to sail around the world alone. It’ a beautiful movie. I would suggest it to anyone. I believe she is 20 now.
I just hope one day to sail across the Atlantic. The transatlantic takes about 3 weeks to a month. I think I would join a group to go over though. Safer and more sociable than doing it alone.
I was thinking about buying this little 25’ buccaneer that was for sale in Olympia, but the guy never got back to me. It was all ready to sail and sitting on a trailer. I figured we could pop it into Cour de’ alene lake. Would have been a good boat to learn on. Oh well, I read that the buccaneers are not what the serious sailor buys and that their roly poly shape earns it plenty of giggles and makes it harder to sail. Something else will come along. I just need something that’s quality it doesn’t need to be pretty or even finished. Sea worthy would be a plus too.
I wonder when the best time to buy a sail boat is.