Headed to Seattle today. We’ll be working through Friday (today’s Thursday). Hoping to convince the husband to stay the weekend. Would like to head down to the docks and do some drooling. After the last article or page I wrote ( see “The Sailing Catatmaran ) I’m kinda leaning toward a catamaran rather than a monohull. The problems I’ve encounter with the catamaran, is they are more expensive and harder to find.
We’re driving a straight truck today. At least that will make it easier to get around down town Seattle, even if it is super cramped and a much rougher ride than the semi-truck
I’ve been doing a lot of research on sailing with cats. It seems they make good ship mates, but you have to make sure you know the regulations and laws for the places you are traveling to. For instances, I read the south Pacific doesn’t allow cats at all. O_o
The standard seems to be that you need to have a copy of your feline’s paperwork, a vet’s clearance, and you must send in a registration form to the places you will be traveling to in advanced.
Apparently they make a kit to help you potty train your cats. It’s some kind of tray you put in your toilet and if you follow the directions it’s supposed to potty train your cats. I’m somewhat dubious about this, but wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the litter box. I can’t stand litter boxes, even in our house. I imagine the litter box can completely over take a boat. Perhaps I will try to potty train Fat Louie and Soft Paws before we hit the water.
I’m thinking for our first voyage we will stay close to the states. Starting from Seattle or maybe out of the Columbia, we’ll cruise along the south western coast of America down to Mexico. Head through the Panama Cannel to the Gulf of Mexico and follow the coast to Louisiana and Florida. After we make it to Florida next would be the Bahamas and Cuba.
Hawaii and Tahiti are also on my list, but for a maiden voyage that seems like a lot of open water.