We drove from Spokane Washington through Idaho, had breakfast in St. Regis Montana made drops in Ronan, Kallispell, and White Fish Montana. Drove through Glacier national park and are now headed to Great Falls MT. Montana reminds me of the ocean; vast and wild, diverse and dangerous.

We spoke with one of the shop owners in White Fish, he said that his brother just got a really good deal on a vessel in Porto Rico. “The market is crashing in Porto Rico” he reports. “At least browse the market before spending too much in the US” he advised. I suppose he is right, but at the moment we don’t have any money to spend on a boat. Wouldn’t it be miserable to find a deal of a life time and miss out on it? It almost seems less painful to avoid looking at all.
I have found a few decent deals on Ebay and some on Craigslist too. We’re hoping to purchase a sailing vessel that’s no smaller than 30 feet and no larger than a one person crew could manage (Yes, we will be sailing together, but you never know.) I have also read that it can be hard to get slips for boats much larger than 40’. We will either buy a clean slate type of vessel of a fixer upper.
I plan on purchasing an industrial sewing machine and learning about sail repair. I figure I can make some money repairing sails for other boaters, and we’ll be able to repair our own sails. Surely Phill will end up being our diesel mechanic. I like the idea of being both self-sufficient and able to earn money. So the more we know the better!
I haven’t told any of the family yet. I’m not sure if I should come out and tell them. Maybe something like; “Mom and other various family members; we plan on drastically changing our lives. How you ask. We will be selling most of our belongings, quitting our jobs and moving onto a sailboat. So…the weather lately, right?” does that sound good? You’re right, they’re going to freak out. I could just vaguely tell them to read this blog so they can figure it out themselves. Yes, I think that’s the route to take. I might not even tell them to read it. I’ll just add a link to the blog onto my other social media sight! Well, either way I’m sure I will hear plenty of horror stories. Just as long as they don’t tell any about sharks (eeep!), I will persevere.