We are trucking up Highway 93 somewhere in Northern Montana headed to drop of a load of mattresses. My husband is the truck driver. I was working at a Primary care medical building as a perfectly respectable Medical administrative assistant/Office coordinator (Yes, that title is so boring I fell asleep writing it, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to read it-Sorry), and Phill (for mentioned husband) was working has a local truck driver. It was all well and good, that is if you like to spend your whole life at work and only get paid half as much as you deserve and for what feels like is only half of the time you are there. Oh, as I was saying. We both had nice normal jobs; home by 5 off on the weekends, but craved something less monotonous. So after Phill accepted a good offer from a local mattress factory, I decided I would ride with him. We deliver the mattresses to warehouses and furniture stores all over the West. I love seeing all the sites.
Sometimes it can be hard to get him to stop and smell the roses with me- “I’m here to work” he says. What a poopy pants! When I can convince, batter, bargain or plead him into stopping it is always worth it. “See I told you we should stop” he says with a sly smile my way. Last week we went to the cutest little Italian restaurant in Kallispell MT. Phill had the yummiest looking plate of spaghetti and meat balls with the largest meat balls I have ever seen and I had the chef’s special of the night: Scallops around a mound of cheesy mushroom risotto topped with grilled asparagus and drizzled with the best huckleberry and reduced balsamic vinegar sauce. What a treat!
We’re actually headed to Kallispell now. It’s not that I don’t like to work. Or, that I’m lazy. I just like to be in charge. I cannot swallow someone telling me what to do, when I have to be at work, when I can have time off. Might as well be a child, but with a ton more stress! YUCK! Deciding to leave my job was scary. I’m still employed on an occasional basis, so I can go back if I want. I was ready to quit altogether though.
We have had a really great time so far. In Ronan MT at one of our drops is the nicest German Shepard named Buddy who was a little stand offish at first, but now is always just as glad to see me as I him. While the men unload Buddy and I sit in the shade enjoying each other’s company. Although we drive all over the West, we are able to be home every weekend and usually one day in the middle of the week, which is great. Gives us chance to see the cats (Fat Louie and Soft Paws) and take the horses (Huck, Mira, and Gazira) out for a trail ride or two. We usually force ourselves to do some house and yard work (boring).
Being out on the road is what really inspired us to pursue living on a sailboat. As a child I believed I could either have horses or a boat. Since I already had horses it seemed right to honor that commitment and continue on. Now, I am determined to pursue both. We are currently renting with the option to buy. We hope to buy our house and rent it out while we are cruising. After all you can’t go wrong with real estate. When you’re truck driving you really do get to see so much of America and meet a lot of really cool people (you meet some total (excuse me) ASSHOLES too, but you can’t let those types bring you down). Seeing what we have as only made me want to see more. More ocean, more people, cultures, islands, all of it.
Do you ever stop to think why you do what you do? Is it because you want to? Or because you’re supposed to? I have decided to live my life the way I want. I want to eat, so I have resolved that I’ll still need to make money somehow, but I will be the boss.
I miss my co-workers. I miss being a part of a team. Thinking about it though, Phill and I are a team and when we get our sailboat going and begin cruising we will be a part of a ragtag community of ocean goers.